#2 Zachariah Georges - Managing Partner @Launch Africa Ventures

December 1, 2022
34 min

🚀 The 2nd episode of AfriMoney by Raisers is out!

🌍 We are very happy to welcome Zachariah Georges, Managing Partner at Launch Africa Ventures, Africa’s most prominent and active early-stage VC fund with a portfolio of 125+ tech ventures across 20+ countries.

🕸️ Zachariah is also the co-founder and chief investment officer at Startupbootcamp, the leading multi-corporate backed venture accelerator program in Africa.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

🇿🇦 Zachariah’s background and why he decided to leave Wall Street for South Africa

🎼 How Venture building in Africa is similar to creativity and music

🧠 How the continent switched from the PE to the VC mindset

💰 The seed funding gap in the continent and how Launch Africa is focusing on solving this problem

😊 The VC downturn in Africa and why investors should remain bullish on investments

And more.

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